Resume of Paul Wise


I am a proficient programmer and systems administrator on UNIX platforms (FreeBSD and several GNU/Linux flavours), and to a lesser extent on Microsoft Windows platforms.

I am able to program well with C, C++, PHP, Python, SQL and shell. I also have less extensive experience programming in Perl, Java and Visual Basic. I also have good experience with web technology such as HTML, Javascript, CSS and to a lesser extent ActionScript/Flash.


Name: Paul Wise
Date of birth: 1980-02-10
Location: White Gum Valley 6162, Western Australia



University: Murdoch University
High School: John Curtin Senior High School
Highest Level Of Education: Bachelor of Science Degree. Majors in Environmental Science and Biotechnology. Completed 2002.


MITS Co-op Ltd

March 2006 to Present. Full Time basis.

Duties: Fulfil director obligations as mandated by the co-operative for successful running of the co-operative. Secretarial duties, software suitability analysis, website design/programming and general membership duties.

Deaths in Custody Watch Committee

December 2005 to present. As-needed basis.

Duties: Small office system administration. Installation/upgrades of Debian GNU/Linux LTSP server, LTSP clients and integration with Microsoft Windows clients. Software security and other upgrades. E-mail server maintenance and email virus scanning capabilities.


August 2005 to present. As-needed basis.

Duties: PHP web application programming. Complete coding and design of Web server migration and maintenance. Planning and programming for new features of

Murdoch University

Latter half of 2003 and 2004. Part-time basis.

Duties: Student support person for Geographic Information Systems unit.

Volunteer work

Free software

I have written and released the following free software and documentation.

I have also contributed code and fixes to various other free software projects.


I have served as a package maintainer for Debian GNU/Linux since early 2005. So far I have been involved in packaging miscellaneous software, the Debian GIS group, the fonts packaging group and am now starting a Flash packaging group.



I have served as a systems administrator and programmer for Perth Indymedia and the global Indymedia tech group since 2003, focussing on coding for, administration of the Perth Indymedia email/web/chat server, system administration and coding for the Indymedia email list and chat servers.

Murdoch University Guild

I served as systems administrator for half of 2003, helping keep the Debian server there working and secure. I also helped students with computer problems when necessary.


Referees and References

Further contact details and written references available upon request