[RV Heraclitus SE Asia voyage: blog photos]

So, I've been on the ship for a week or so now, learning knots and nautical stuff, cooking, cleaning, making inventories and otherwise preparing for the voyage. So far, we're just sitting in the harbour in Cairns, learning and working until the 24th. It feels weird to be away from the Internet for so long and the communities with whom my main contact has been Internet based; Debian, Perth/Indymedia & Cat@lyst. Kinda like being shipwrecked on an island, cut off from the outside world; no access to communication networks or ability to move around. However, the ship has an SSB (single sideband) radio (as well as VHF), I'm hoping that will satisfy my communications addiction. I've been learning about the SSB radio; if anyone knows of any information about, or free software (gratis and/or libre, preferably Windows based as there is only Windows - and a Mac and a Knoppix CD on board) that can access WEFAX (weatherfax) or the Internet via SSB, please email me about it.

argh! damn German keYboards have the Y and the Z in the wrong places!!!