So Debian squeeze has finally been released and it is time to look toward to what we might work on or want to happen for the next release, codenamed Debian wheezy. An informal discussion on IRC mentioned libburnia libraries and apps, finishing DEP5, objnam, wayland, multiarch, Matthew Palmer plans to work on netcfg, ifupdown and the KDE team plan to remove Qt3/KDE3.

I personally plan to work on catching up with my packages, the removal of defoma, boosting the Debian games team, improving collaboration with derivatives, changes to the Debian wiki, reviewing more packages mentioned on debian-mentors and more.

I am really excited to see the cross-distro collaboration of Enrico Zini and others in bringing application management to Linux distributions, the multiarch work by Steve Langasek and others and hopefully optimistic about the recent discussions of automated post-install testing.

I probably will not work on almost all of these but I would like to see multiarch, cross compiliation, widespread systemd integration, netconf revival, porting to phones/tablets, OEM mode and media for d-i, partitioning improvments for d-i, widespread automated post-install testing, expansion of daca, deployment of debexpo, widespread adoption of PET, automated removal of bad packages, better pro-active security measures, building all packages on buildds, migration away from Debian-specific stuff in favour of cross-distro solutions, addition of new UI experiences (like MeeGo, Android, Unity, QtMoko), addition of new APIs for portability (like Android, Khronos, MacOS/iOS stuff), more interesting/weird ports, merging derivatives into Debian, better integration of Debian Pure Blends, removing non-free packages where free alternatives exist, ex-developers and MIA folks returning to Debian, expansion of the backports repository, fixes for lots of bugs and probably other things I forgot.

What are you going to work on? What do you wish you could work on? What work are you hoping others will do? What work are you excited about that others are doing?