Last week was el Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday where people gather to remember their dead. Today I would like to remember <predator>. pred was a core member of the cat@lyst collective, a group of folks providing computers, Internet and other tech resources to the activists of Sydney, Australia. I knew pred as cat@lyst's hardware geek, he was always scrounging computers from roadsides, coaxing them back to life and setting them to work supporting cat@lyst. I only knew pred through email and just missed out on meeting him due to the cancer that eventually killed him. pred wrote extensively during his life and of his experiences while dying of cancer. After he died, some friends compiled some of his writing into a book, simply named pred.txt. His full writings also happen to have been archived on the net. Through the book and his writings I came to learn that he was much more than just a hardware geek and gain some more insight into who he was.

pred was a geek, activist, anarchist, urban explorer, scientist in the area of molecular genetics, cancer victim and all-around awesome dude. I still miss him.