• Debian: fix sbuild config on buildd, cleanup after git gc OOM, redirect CD support queries, answer SSH hash question again
  • Debian QA: deploy patches
  • Debian mentors: check why package was not imported
  • Debian installer: apply patches
  • Debian PTS: investigate issues after git migration, apply patch, deploy patches
  • Debian package tracker: deploy patches, update mirror URL in db
  • Debian mentors: remove a broken upload
  • Debian wiki: redirect a bouncing mail, whitelist email addresses
  • Debian website: work on git conversion
  • Debian derivatives census: deploy change, remove patches larger than 1MiB
  • Openmoko: forcibly reboot


Initiate discussions about m68k usertags, buildd chroot creation failures and game server packaging.


The dpkg patch was sponsored by my employer. All other work was done on a volunteer basis.