This month I didn't have any particular focus. I just worked on issues in my info bubble.




  • Spam: reported 1 Debian bug reports and 41 Debian mailing list posts
  • Patches: reviewed gt patches
  • Debian packages: sponsored psi-notify
  • Debian wiki: RecentChanges for the month
  • Debian BTS usertags: changes for the month
  • Debian screenshots:
    • approved cppcheck-gui eta flpsed fluxbox p7zip-full pampi pyqso xboard
    • rejected p7zip (help output), openshot (photo of a physical library), clamav-daemon (movie cartoon character), aptitude (screenshot of random launchpad project), laditools (screenshot of tracker.d.o for src:hello), weboob-qt/chromium-browser/supercollider-vim ((NSFW) selfies), node-split (screenshot of screenshots site), libc6 (Chinese characters alongside a photo of man and bottle)


  • Debian servers: investigate etckeeper cron mail
  • Debian wiki: investigate account existence, approve accounts


  • Respond to queries from Debian users and contributors on the mailing lists and IRC


The gensim and libpst work was sponsored. All other work was done on a volunteer basis.