NOTE: I am NOT the original author of this program - frhed is written by Raihan Kibria. Please visit his page as generally my features may have been integrated into his version and new versions may have been released since my patch.
The latest version of frhed is v1.1.0 and it has all the patches I've developed for frhed.
My patch of frhed (FRee Hex ED) is discontinuously updated for an indefinite amount of time.

Q. What is frhed?
A. frhed is a free hex editor that views & edits binary files

Q. What is MemDC.exe?
A. The MemDC exe reduces screen flicker through a common technique that works by redrawing the window contents in an off screen buffer and then simply & quickly transferring the result to the screen, resulting in flicker reduction because less drawing is actually done on the screen. This is an extremely common technique especially in MacOS X, 3D games, OpenGL apps and almost any other app that provides a flicker-free display.

The second entry in the table below links to html pages that will redirect you to the latest version of my patch.
I ask that you link to these files instead of the zip files if you want to link to a direct download from your homepage.
Here are frhed's Branch History, my Patch ChangeLog Style History & my Patch History:

My frhed version 1.0 patches
VersionZip filePatched overMemDC.exeNotes
CVS repositoryfrhed-v1.0.alpha-CVS.zipThis is the CVS repository of my v1.0.alpha development. It represents the last changes I made to v1.0.x. All features are in frhed v1.1.x
alphafrhedalpha.ziplatestMy last development version
1.0.156b2.Pabsfrhed156b2.Pabs.zip1.0.156b2MemDC.exebugfixes & interface stuff
1.0.156b1.Pabs2frhed156b1.Pabs.2.zip1.0.156b1.PabsMemDC.exestatus bar stuff & general improvements
1.0.156b1.Pabsfrhed156b1.Pabs.zip1.0.156b1NoneReg menu done thanx to Raihan
1.0.155 (Pabs)frhed155(Pabs).zip1.0.154NoneFill with, other stuff

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