HTML Help Maker (hhm)


This is released under GNU General Public Licence v2.0 only.

Download sources, Win32 binary, lzxcomp sources modified for MingW compilation & compiled into the Win32 binary distribution (as per GPL).

hhm needs an LZX compression library before it can be compiled. Currently only lzx_compress by Matthew T. Russotto has been used with hhm, so please download that from

hhm is a program that makes ITS files and in the future it will also make Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files. Both types of files are a kind of compressed archive format used on Win98, Win2K and other Microsoft operating systems to store documentation.

Thanks to Matthew for reversing the chm format, writing a Unix chm decompressor and an LZX cruncher (All available @

CHM decompiler (chmdeco)


This is released under the GNU General Public Licence v2.0 or later.

Before you can use chmdeco you need an InfoTech Storage (.its) dumper. For Windows there is one included in the binary package. On Unix you can use Matthew T. Russotto's chmtools or Jed Wing's chmlib.

chmdeco is a program that converts the internal files of CHM files back into the hhp, hhc, hhk etc used to compile the documentation.

You can get chmdeco compiled for debian i386 from

Download source distributionWindows binary distributionFocus/Notes
0.3.1-srcNone yetAdded some more GPL notices (for savannah ppl).
0.3-src0.3-Win32Win32 installer, autotools building and bugfixes to 0.2.1
0.2.1-src0.2.1-Win32Bugfixes to 0.2
0.2-src0.2-Win32Full-text search info -> html files
0.1.1-src0.1.1-Win32Bugfixes to 0.1
0.1-src0.1-Win32Buggy initial release

CHM specification (chmspec)


I am writing a more complete CHM spec, covering internal files & other stuff. See the savannah project page, release mailing list and discussion mailing list. You can always find the latest version online here.

DocBook sourceHTML zip fileRead OnlineFocus/Notes
0.1.2-src0.1.2-HTML0.1.2-onlineMore and better formatting, $FIftiMain section reorganised, extradocument linkage
0.1.1-src0.1.1-HTMLNAMinor clarifications and bugfixes
0.1-src0.1-HTMLNAInitial public release
An archive of all the old html versions

CHM test suite (chmtests)


COMING REAL SOON NOW (TM) (read "coming at some point"): A bunch of proggies to decode the various internal files of CHMs, and report anything interesting in them (read: differing from the format known and documented in chmspec). This is based on the misc directory in old chm-spec releases.