Résumé of Paul Wise


I am a proficient programmer and systems administrator on UNIX platforms (several GNU/Linux flavours), and to a lesser extent on Microsoft Windows platforms.

I am able to program well with C, C++, PHP, Python, SQL and shell. I also have less extensive experience programming in Perl, Java and Visual Basic. I also have good experience with web technology such as HTML, Javascript, CSS.


  • Name: Paul Wise
  • Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • E-mail: pabs3@bonedaddy.net


  • Proficient with computer support tasks.
  • Competent knowledge of computer networks and systems.
  • Excellent programming skills in C, C++, PHP, Python and Bash.
  • Lesser programming skills in Perl and other languages and an ability to easily move between and learn new languages.
  • Experience with Internet and web technology.
  • Experience with Asterisk and VOIP technologies.
  • A class Driver's License
  • Basic Spanish


  • University: Murdoch University
  • High School: John Curtin Senior High School
  • Highest Level Of Education: Bachelor of Science Degree. Majors in Environmental Science and Biotechnology. Completed 2002.


VTel Mobile

October 2009 to July 2011. Contract basis. Duties: Development of VoIP apps on Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile. Setup, monitoring, configuration and administration of web and VoIP servers running Debian. Support of customers and troubleshooting customer issues. Modification and configuration of VoIP software to suite business and customer needs. Development of Django-based website.

COOLmob Alice Springs

March to May 2008. Contract basis. Duties: development and deployment of PHP based online carbon calculator.

Low Ecological Services

November 2007. Contract basis. Duties: Assisting regular employees with an update to the website and supporting them during that process.

Vision Tek Ltd

April 2007 to November 2007. Full Time basis. Duties: Network administration of production servers and a small office. Installation, configuration and management of an Asterisk-based PABX and associated VOIP telephones. Upgrade, cleanup and maintenance of a nagios-based network monitoring framework. Setup, integration and support for an XMPP-based chat system. General server, network and PC maintenance.

Deaths in Custody Watch Committee

December 2005 to present. As-needed basis. Duties: Small office system administration. Installation/upgrades of Debian GNU/Linux LTSP server, LTSP clients and integration with Microsoft Windows clients. Software security and other upgrades. E-mail server maintenance and email virus scanning capabilities.


August 2005 to present. As-needed basis. Duties: PHP web application programming. Complete coding and design of assocbusinesssales.com.au. Web server migration and maintenance. Planning and programming for new features of planbooktravel.com.

Murdoch University

Latter half of 2003 and 2004. Part-time basis. Duties: Student support person for Geographic Information Systems unit. Assisting lecturer with student questions during classes and working through GIS problems with the students.

Volunteer work

Free software

I have written and released the following free software and documentation.

  • chmspec: A specification detailing the current Microsoft Windows help format.
  • chmdeco: A decompiler for the CHM format. Based on my work on chmspec.
  • hhm: A incomplete compiler for the CHM format.
  • indychat: A php frontend for various web-based chat software.
  • various other small utilities and scripts.

I have also contributed code and fixes to various other free software projects.


I have served as a package maintainer for Debian GNU/Linux since early 2005. So far I have been involved in packaging miscellaneous software, the Debian GIS group, the fonts packaging group, the Flash packaging group, the games packaging group, the press/publicity team, the QA infrastructure team and the derivatives group.



I have served as a systems administrator and programmer for Perth Indymedia and the global Indymedia tech group since 2003, focusing on coding for perth.indymedia.org, administration of the Perth Indymedia email/web/chat server, system administration and coding for the Indymedia email list and chat servers.

Murdoch University Guild

I served as systems administrator for half of 2003, helping keep the Debian server there working and secure. I also helped students with computer problems when necessary.


  • Free Software development (Debian GNU/Linux).
  • Roller-blading and kayaking.
  • Stencil art and drawing.
  • Film and photography.

Referees and References

  • Kerry Newall, Manager of the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee
  • Jeremy Baird, Manager of PlanBookTravel

Further contact details and written references available upon request