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Three EULAs for the evil-ones under profit,
  Seven for the Shareware-fools in their tombs of crypto
Nine for Freeware Poets doomed to open source
One for the Great RMS and his great foundation

In the land of Code where programmers lie.
  One licence to free them all, One to free the code,
  One OS to give them hope and in the darkness show them
In the land of Code where programmers lie.

Written by me.


Currently there is only one.

Cool mandelbrot imageThis is a cool mandelbrot pic I generated in 1999 from a VB program I wrote that same year. I'll give you the source if you agree to give me back any enhancements in src form or give me a binary within a short period of time or port it to Xaos. Drop me a line if you can satisfy any of these conditions.