The most important thing for any thing is to remember to live your philosophy dammit. Diversity is better, but eventually something like evolution kicks in.

This one was said by someone else but I happen to agree with it very much: "...yeah humans suck, there's way too many of us" (Anon 2000) This doesn't mean killing everyone, just a decrease in birth rates until the world population is stable. I hereby pledge that I will not contribute more than once to the world population - i.e. only myself. Should I feel the paternal urge I will adopt a child.

Mailing lists suck, news groups kick ass, but a hybrid would be better. Finally.

We shouldn't just be aiming for free software but rather free society/free everything as in both speech and beer.

RTF (Rich Text Format) is a sucky format with a shite specification (download here), both of which are full of MicroSoftian fuckups, kludges, MS Word specific control words, glaring omissions and a total lack of clarity. In short it is full to the brim with cruft. No-one should support it. Hopefully MS' new XML formats won't be as crufty.

MS Word's Visual Basic methods could do with some extreme optimisation.

Where lush green comments grow, there lies fertile code.

The following are oxymorons: representaive democracy, military intelligence...

It is not the role of government to preserve the profit streams of corporations.

fgets sux ass. Anyone care to rewrite POSIX syscall by syscall?