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Skip. This is the list of my favourite proggies, authors & various other niblets - u will notice that most of them are free & | come with src
Alas I, being a student, am poor and not so alas, am human unlike some software companies I might mention

My favourite proggies:

Text editorSciTE
Hex editorfrhed v1.1.x
Ray-tracingWin-MegaPov (patch of POV-Ray)
C/C++ Win32 ProgrammingMSVC++ (Yes I do feel evil) & SciTE/GCC
Util thingiMouseImp (not Pro)
Image manipThe Gimp
Image viewingIrfanView
File compressionWinZip/PowerArchiver
3D ModellingMoray & sPatch & hamapatch
OSWin 95 and soon (I hope) Linux and Win2K (for RE work)
BrowserIE 5.0 (by default and for 1 reason only - Save as: Web page, complete), Amaya (good for editing) & Mozilla.

Robert Rankin, Wilbur Smith, Stephen Donaldson, David Gemmell, Tolkien (of course) & Sara Douglass ???whatamithinking & I H8 David Eddings

More favourites in the process...

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