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Skip. On this page you will find few of my details, lots of propaganda & stuff I need/want.

My details:
I am a university graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Majors: Biotechnology, Environmental Science: Ecosystem Management stream) I live in western Oz.

Contact me by email. Please use the following addresses in order of decending preference.
The last two are only to be used in emergencies. If the 1st two don't work try again in a few days.

Occasionly you might find me on IRC. When possible I frequent: in #perth, #chm (pabs); in #tech, #indymedia, #oceania & sometimes #biotech, #ircd, #sfkids (pabs) and occasionally in #debian (pabs/pabs3/pabspabspabs)

Also you can Instant Message me, using my MSN account pabs3 at hotmail dot com, or the below yahoo acct, or my jabber account pabs at jabber dot org.

For those of you who want to read NYTimes without registering try the following:
user: slashdotaccount
password: slashdotaccount
Some idiot changed the password on this account, so just use

For those of you who want to use yahoo or codeproject without registering try the following:
user: slashdotaccount
password: accountslashdot
The password is reversed cause of yahoos "its too similar" policy

The following is just propaganda you may ignore but I hope you will take it veery seriously:

Wooohooo Ningaloo Reef has been saved. Thanks to anyone who helped with this!

Read this NO don't argue just read it

To all those spammers out there, esp. @ send it to the hotmail spam line
PS. If anyone knows of other ways to trick spammers into spamming spam reporting centres tell people about it and if you receive spam forward it to abuse@<senders domain> where senders domain is the originating mail server, but check out the domain first.
OR forward to
PS. I hate spam

Burn all GIFs Burn all gifs now
PS. I hate greed

no cash thanx Please visit &, this kuro5hin article & the top 200 report and think about what really matters
PS. I hate the problems caused by money

Here is a POV image collection you should participate in.
PS. I love ray-tracing.

The following are some of my needs/wants:
These are things that I have had trouble using Google & other search engines to find.

Old versions of HTML Help Workshop. Esp interested in HHW 1.2 Preview.

More propaganda & needs in the process...

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