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Skip. On this page you will find my bezier include & other projects of mine. The ParticlePatch is here.

Bezier include:
Get my bezier include file that I am using in my space animation
Use the functions HermiteLP, BezierLP, BezierLPTension to load points into the geometry matrix
Use p(u) to get the point, pd(u) to get the derivative, pdd(u) to get the second derivative & pddd(u) to get the third derivative.
Other functions return curvature, the principle normal and binormal vectors, torsion (doesn't work quite right yet), and some as yet unfinished macros for orienting objects along the spline & doing banking & stuff.
I think the math is right - email me if not

Other stuff I am workin on:

NOTE: I rarely have time for these.

More pov-stuff in the process...

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