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  • Debian: fsck/reboot a buildd, reboot a segfaulting buildd, report/fix broken hoster contact, ping hoster about down machines, forcibly reset backup machine, merged cache patch for network-test.d.o, do some samhain dances, fix two stunnel services, update an IP address in LDAP, fix /etc/aliases on one host, reboot 1 non-responsive VM
  • Debian mentors: security updates, reboot
  • Debian wiki: whitelist several email addresses
  • Debian build log scanner: deploy my changes
  • Debian PTS: deploy my changes
  • Openmoko: security updates & reboots


  • Ping Advogato users on Planet Debian about updating/removing their feeds since it shut down
  • Invite deepin to the Debian derivatives census
  • Welcome Deepin to the Debian derivatives census
  • Inquire about the status of GreenboneOS, HandyLinux


All work was done on a volunteer basis.

Posted Tue Aug 1 18:19:07 2017 Tags: advogato

I've moved my advogato blog to ikiwiki and integrated it into my website. So far things are working out well. To migrate my website from bamboo to ikiwiki, I had to write a couple of plugins to implement features of bamboo. The first simply creates id tags for headers based on the text. The second converts site-relative links to page-relative links so you can put an ikiwiki in a subdir of a site.

Posted Sat Aug 25 05:10:39 2007 Tags: advogato

deekayen: April fools day - and planet KDE has done likewise.

Posted Fri Apr 1 06:42:30 2005 Tags: advogato

Hmmm, my advogato account seems to have been dropped, losing all my certs. Interestingly the diary entries were not lost.

Posted Thu Mar 31 01:59:54 2005 Tags: advogato


Tried request tracker?

Here is a site that's been up and used for a while:

Posted Mon Apr 5 13:07:18 2004 Tags: advogato


Try the following css too (works for css 2.1 browsers, and mozilla, falls back to <p> styles for non Mozilla/CSS2.1 browsers):

pre { white-space: normal; }
pre { white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; }
pre { white-space: pre-wrap; }
Posted Mon Feb 23 12:01:46 2004 Tags: advogato


try adding the 'shortname=mixed' to the mount options in /etc/fstab

Posted Tue Dec 9 06:21:49 2003 Tags: advogato

Finally got meself an account after lurking here for years.

On the free software side of things I just (not 30 min ago) released a minor update to chmspec. Yeah, I know it's GFDL & there are non-freeness issues with that particular licence, but as far as I know there are no proper alternatives as yet.

Posted Tue Aug 26 18:32:21 2003 Tags: advogato