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I'm going sailing through SE Asia for the next 3 months. I'll fly to my departure point (Cairns) on September 4th. I'm leaving from Cairns (Australia) on the 20th September, sailing through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and ending up in Phuket (Thailand) in December.

Unfortunately I won't be visiting Cambodia, but if any KhmerOS people are in Thailand towards the end of the year, I'll be glad to meet up with you. Please email me if you want to meet up.

Posted Tue Aug 29 03:53:25 2006 Tags: khmeros

Looks like Mono will soon support VB.NET, hopefully it can support the KhmerOS typing tutor.

Posted Mon Aug 21 04:37:45 2006 Tags: khmeros

I just found out someone made a test installer with Khmer support:

At the moment it uses Khmer OS, but the final version will use Khmer OS System.

Posted Wed Mar 22 03:13:39 2006 Tags: khmeros

I just noticed that KDE 3.5 has been packaged for Debian and uploaded to experimental! Looking at the translation packages, I see kde-i18n-km!!!!! YAY! Hopefully they will reach etch before long and be candidates for inclusion in the next stable release! I think I should make a Khmer localisation task soon, since there are 3 Khmer related packages in Debian (OO, KDE and the KhmerOS fonts).

Also, does anyone know if there is a KhmerOS chatroom or IRC channel somewhere?

Posted Fri Dec 23 02:39:07 2005 Tags: khmeros