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[RV Heraclitus SE Asia voyage: blog photos]

So, I've been on the ship for a week or so now, learning knots and nautical stuff, cooking, cleaning, making inventories and otherwise preparing for the voyage. So far, we're just sitting in the harbour in Cairns, learning and working until the 24th. It feels weird to be away from the Internet for so long and the communities with whom my main contact has been Internet based; Debian, Perth/Indymedia & Cat@lyst. Kinda like being shipwrecked on an island, cut off from the outside world; no access to communication networks or ability to move around. However, the ship has an SSB (single sideband) radio (as well as VHF), I'm hoping that will satisfy my communications addiction. I've been learning about the SSB radio; if anyone knows of any information about, or free software (gratis and/or libre, preferably Windows based as there is only Windows - and a Mac and a Knoppix CD on board) that can access WEFAX (weatherfax) or the Internet via SSB, please email me about it.

argh! damn German keYboards have the Y and the Z in the wrong places!!!

Posted Sun Sep 17 02:32:13 2006 Tags: indymedia

Unsealed documents regarding the indymedia/Rackspace server seisures:

Posted Tue Aug 2 05:27:35 2005 Tags: indymedia

It was interesting to read about the problems Autistici/Inventati had with their hosting provider. Makes you think about trust and the depth and breadth of humanity in this day and age. Of course, its not like the situation should surprise anyone, ISPs have committed similar breaches of customers trust in the past. Notably, Rackspace in the UK handed over an Indymedia server to unknown, overzealous authorities from the USA in response to a request from the Italian/Swiss governments. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy of the so-called authorities.

Posted Mon Jun 27 11:00:24 2005 Tags: indymedia

Hmmm, lessee:

  • freed helpdeco (no-commercial-use -> GPL)
  • debian packaged helpdeco and a font
  • kept up with nsis/scons fun
  • bunch of indymedia/etc sysadmin work
  • htmlarea/burmese bits n bobs
Posted Tue May 31 05:21:43 2005 Tags: indymedia

Been frantically setting up a mms posting facility for baxter05. Damn, not even packed yet. Hmm, I wonder if there are any working/up2date amr decoders out there.

Posted Wed Mar 23 04:11:43 2005 Tags: indymedia

Updated the off-site-list patch to apply cleanly to mailman 2.1.3 so lists.indy can be upgraded. It works nicely, except it should maybe indicate somehow that the list is offsite, and provide a way for admins to add off-site lists to the xml they are stored in, and a way for ppl to request lists be added.

Added a simple patch to oceania.indy to prevent duplicate headlines. perl :(

Worked on a patch for active to allow admins to edit events. more perl :(

Started thinking about a mailman patch for adding sa-learn capability to the admin interface

Posted Sat Dec 27 04:24:19 2003 Tags: indymedia