• myrepos: get commit/admin access from joeyh at DebConf17, add commit/admin access for other patch submitters, apply my stack of patches
  • Debian: fix weird log file issues, redirect hardware donor, cleaned up a weird dir, fix some OOB info, ask for TLS on meetings-archive.d.n, check an I/O error, restart broken stunnels, powercycle 1 borked machine,
  • Debian mentors: lintian/security updates & reboot
  • Debian wiki: remove some stray cache files, whitelist 3 email domains, whitelist some email addresses, disable 1 spammer account, disable 1 accounts with bouncing email,
  • Debian QA: apply patch to fix PTS watch file errors, deploy changes
  • Debian derivatives census: run scripts for Purism, remove some noise from logs, trigger a recheck, merge fix by Unit193, deploy changes
  • Openmoko: security updates, reboots, enable unattended-upgrades


  • Attended DebConf17 and provided some input in BoFs
  • Sent Misc Dev News #44
  • Invite Google gLinux (on IRC) to the Debian derivatives census
  • Welcome Sven Haardiek (of GreenboneOS) to the Debian derivatives census
  • Inquire about the status of Canaima


The samba bug report was sponsored by my employer. All other work was done on a volunteer basis.